Helping You Achieve Your Financial Vision

At Vista Finance Group, we believe that providing clients with a well-diversified plan of understanding how money works is key to a successful financial foundation. As an independent representative, Fortunato Puleo and his team of financial experts work for their clients’ best interest and offer the top resources available. From CEOs, athletes and business owners to the country’s backbone middle class, we’ve had the pleasure of working with many different clients. Although no two clients are the same, Vista Finance Group is focused on guiding their clients toward the same principle: Teach the correct way of building wealth by becoming “financially bulletproof.”

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How May I Help You?


Retirement Planning 

We formulate plans that make certain you never outlive your retirement income. By utilizing safe retirement planning strategies, we give our clients the peace of mind to enjoy their retirement and leave something behind for their families.


Estate Planning 

Many retiring Baby Boomers are concerned with their estate and the proper way to pass it on. We help to make sure that your family receives what they're suppose to. Seniors are not the only ones who need estate planning, and everyone should plan financially.


Other Financial Services  

Vista Finance Group has over 25 years of experience helping families with correct life insurance planning and providing a proper game plan for their finances.

In today’s fast-paced world and economy we need to be sure of the financial steps we take, after all, it could mean the difference between enjoying retirement without worry, cutting back on your lifestyle, or worse yet, going back to work.