Fortunato S. Puleo 

Fortune’s family migrated to America in 1972 when he was only six years old. He remembers how big everything was, like the buildings, cars and streets. Fortune’s parents opened their first pizza place in 1974, where he helped his parents and started making pizza at the age of 10. His father, being a master mason by trade, went back to construction and had Fortune help him on side jobs. As a child, Fortune spent his time in the pizza and construction field.  

In 1988, he was introduced to the financial service arena and was immediately enamored with the prospect of helping people in their quest to plan their lives financially. Fortune rose to the level of Regional Vice President as a captive agent. In early 2010, he decided to go off on his own as an independent representative. This decision has provided him with the opportunity to pick and chose what companies and products best fit his clients’ needs. Fortune continues to help people achieve their financial vision. 

Our Philosophy  

Vista Finance Group is on a mission to help pre-retirees and retirees protect their estates and prepare for retirement. We hold on to the belief that preserving your retirement capital and providing a lifetime stream of income is vital to a lasting retirement. We have had the pleasure of working with many seniors over the last 35+ years, most at which have a similar risk tolerance, which is a ZERO risk tolerance. We also believe your money should grow when times are good and you should not have any downside participation. 

Fortunado is also a member of the non profit financial wellness program, the American Financial Education Alliance.